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InspectorLorac: ...you all! Dec 25, 2020 13:36:40 GMT
InspectorLorac: I'll just go ahead and say it.... Whereever you are, whoever you are, ildlers old and new, ildlers lost in the internet wilderness, Happy Christmas.... all the very best to you all, wishing you peace good health and contentment. I shall raise a glass to Dec 25, 2020 13:36:15 GMT
slacker: Jeez, it's pretty quiet around here. Survived the first lockdown without too much damage to the old noodle, staring the second one in the face as I write this. Love to you all, keep safe! Nov 12, 2020 0:11:12 GMT
Deleted: I'm ill today. Feeling sorry for myself with a good book and sitting in a big, comfortable armchair. Jul 30, 2019 9:06:45 GMT
slacker: Yeah! May 25, 2019 23:48:50 GMT
slacker: Hope you're enjoying an idle festive season, one and all. Dec 18, 2018 23:18:32 GMT
bear: Hi dudes....thought I'd pop in and say hi....... Oct 29, 2018 21:10:05 GMT
slacker: Happy 21st of August, fellow Idlers! Aug 21, 2018 19:14:23 GMT
harpo: Did you get the rain I sent down for you? Come and visit, we got plenty more Jul 28, 2018 9:09:20 GMT
mura: cant sleep, cant cycle, sooo hot :( Jul 23, 2018 23:44:40 GMT
slacker: Happy Bank Holiday weekend y'all. Hope you're none of you working too hard. Apr 1, 2018 19:50:16 GMT
slacker: Sat in the Uni library doing my coursework... but I had fish and chips for lunch and now I just want to have a nap :) Feb 16, 2018 14:00:43 GMT
bear: I was here for a minute....but I'm going again....but I'll be back at some point... Nov 20, 2017 21:33:50 GMT
mura: Hope everyone is doing well Oct 3, 2017 11:47:59 GMT
slacker: Not much going on here... Sunday night innit! Oct 1, 2017 19:25:41 GMT
bear: Woss goin' on? Sept 15, 2017 20:56:07 GMT
slacker: Hey Idlers! Jul 15, 2017 19:56:23 GMT
harpo: Everyone who reads this is invited to visit my house up here in the northern reaches of the Outer Hebrides Mar 10, 2017 11:21:43 GMT
harpo: wotcha Mar 10, 2017 11:20:53 GMT
mura: Hi Harpo Feb 2, 2017 16:44:44 GMT